Features • 3 cool bikes : Racer, Police and Cross • 4 different maps • the most craziest platforms for stunts Controls • Arrows keys or WASD keys to drive • Space bar to handbrake • C key to change view (camera) • Shift key to boost bike • R…
Features•6 awesome cars;• freedom to do whatever you want ;• the possibility to modify the map by moving with obstacles; Controls• WASD or arrow keys to drive• 1-7 to change view• T to enter slow motion• Shift to clutch• Enter to reset car• R to repair car
Features• 4 awesome sport cars;• Multiplayer mode;• Obstacle spawner; Controls • Arrow keys: drive; • Right mouse click select the obstacles; • Left mouse click to spawn on the ground; • 1…5: Views; • Tab: players list; • Del: remove an obstacle; • Shift: clutch; • Space: handbrake; • I:…
Now get on the wheel of the most amazing stunt cars in Stunt Simulator Multiplayer. Fasten your seat belt tight because you will be flying on the highest platforms, you’ll be drifting and driving at high speeds on the stone mountains and throught crazy obstacles. You have 3 environments and…
Hover Racer Pro is a 3D game where you are driving a hover ship and you can do amazing jumps over the tallest ramps from the map or go through tunnels at insane speeds.Be carefull with the health indicator as your ship can be destroyed.Have fun! Controls WASD or arrow…
Stunt Simulator game where you will be able to test your driving skills, from flying with you when you perform awesome stunts and tricks to crazy speed around the streets, go wild and do whatever you like as you have complete freedom. You will be rewarded for every trick and…

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