Features • 4 characters to play • 3 maps • various weapons to use • different items for crafting Controls • WASD, Arrow keys: move • Left mouse click: shoot • Right mouse click: aim • I, E: inventory • F: picking things • P, Esc: pause • Tab: score…
  Features • Kill the targers on the minimap. Don’t Forget to shoot crates to collect hidden goodies. Controls • WASD or arrow keys: move • Space bar: jump • Left mouse click/Z: fire • Right mouse click: Throw grenade • Left Shift/C: Activate Hammer Time • MWheel/Q/E: Cycle weapons •…
A entire city of hungry zombies, infected with a dangerous virus, are on the streets. All you have to do is to shoot them and survive, day by day, if you don’t make it you will become one of them. Good luck!  
In this game you have to take your gun and shoot the glass bottles that stand in front of you.Depending on your precision you will receive the stars in each level. Have fun! Controls Hold to AIM, realese for shooting    
You have an entire arsenal of guns to kill a puppet, you have to gather a number of points for each gun in part, you have at your disposal flying knives, submachine guns, rocket launchers, laser guns and flame throwers. Have fun! Controls Right mouse click to shoot
You have 3 classes to choose from, Scout, Tank and Fighter. Each one of them has its own set of benefits and features. Fighters can regenerate their health, Tanks have a dedicated shield and Scouts can easily slide around when needed. That makes the experience quite intense and challenging all…
Masked Forces 3:Zombie Survival is a first-person shooter game where you have to survive to a bunch of hungry zombies. Make a strong team with the other players and defeat all the zombies, all the weapons are free so you can choose whatever you like. You have at your disposal…
    Intra in batalie impotriva legiunii de druizi si a oamenilor ce sunt soldati cibernetici si arata tuturor ca tu este eroul acestui razboi.Alege-ti arma,colecteaza bani si adauga-i imbunatatiri pentru o mai buna rezistenta in fata inamicilor cibernetici.   Controale Tastele cu sageti:Mutare
Pixel is a pixel shooting game in which you enter in a room full with other players, you have to show everyone that you are great soldier and you can survive until no enemy is on his feet, you can use the various power-ups in battle, customize your character’s…
Cartoon 3rd person shooter with 5 weapons, 3 maps and a lot of fun! Controls Tags

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