Monster Truck

Features• 4 awesome maps• 3D graphics• 5 play modes• customizable player and bike Controls• A,D to drive• Esc to pause• Left mouse click for brake
Finish each level in record time with the truck to earn the maximum number of stars.Use the stars to unlock awesome trucks. Controls X boost Z brake Left arrow lean backwards Right arrow lean forwards
            Offroad Truck Driver is a truck driving simulation in which you drive powerful trucks on difficult offroad tracks . In every level, you have to deliver the goods safely to the given destination. Earn money and spend it on new trucks, performance upgrades, or…
Realistic Buggy Driver is a 3D game where you have at your disposal some awesome buggy vehicles and 4 maps with a diifferent environment to explore, these are waiting for you to drive and have fun as much as you can, you have complete freedom to do anything you like.…

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