Features • 2 beautiful maps • 3 awesome vehicle to drive • Realistic tank simulator • You can drive all the cars in town by taking them from the other drivers Controls • Arrows keys or WASD keys to drive the vehicle • Left mouse button to shoot • C…
Features • 100 sleighs to choose • 100 various and funny characters Controls • AD, Mouse: move
Features• 8 awesome different cars • offroad cars,drift cars even a bus• 3 maps Controls • How to play Offroader V6 • WASD or arrow keys to drive • Space bar to use handbrake • T to enter slow motion • Enter to reset car • C to change camera view…
FeaturesVarious cars and motorcycles to drive;Complete freedom to take the cars from the other people Controls  • WASD or arrow keys: drive car; • Space: handbrake; • C: key to change view (camera); • Shift: boost car; • R: reset scene; • F: get on/off vehicle; • Page Up/Down…
Do you want to be a great farmer and grow your own bussines? All you have to do is to plow, plant and harvest with your tractor. Sell your harvest and expand your bussines with new vehicles, equipment and animals. Try to invest your money and buy additional land for…
A lot of fun in traffic with a pixel car. Go on the road, collect the coins and avoid the colliding with the other cars. Have fun!   Controls AD or right and left from arrow keys to move        
Crazy Traffic is an awesome game where you can test your driving skills in heavy traffic, all you have to do is to avoid colliding with the others cars on the road as you drive at high speed. You have at your disposal five car models, customizable and upgradeable cars,…
Pixel Highway is a cool game where you can speed up your blocky car on a busy highway, on your way you have to avoid colliding with the other cars. You have at your disposal multiple cars to drive,cool blocky graphics, one-way or two-way driving options and three maps to…
Are you ready to drive fast on the highway? It’s time to show your driving skills on high speed among the multitude of cars on the highway, all you have to do is to avoid colliding with other cars and collecting as many points as possible. You have at your…
Vehicles Simulator is a cool driving game where you can choose between 6 crazy cars including an amazing tank and a futuristic vehicle and put them on a driving test around the city. You have complete freedom, day or night on the road, choose a car and take a awesome…

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