Hide Online

Hide Online is a 3D online multiplayer hide and seek game with a unique game play.This game consists of two teams, the Props and the Hunters.If you find yourself in the role of an object, you need to transform yourself and hide from the hunter. In this game the Pros have only 30 sec to hide by transforming to any object they wish and after that the next 30 second they will taunt or make a sound and it’s up to the Hunters to look for them. Just remember not to shoot the wrong object or else you’ll lose some life points. You have got a couple of minutes to search and kill the Props or else they will win the game.

Hunters:space: Jumpent: Chatr: Reloadmouse4: Aimmouse2: Shoot1-2-3: Change Weaponswasd: Movespace: Jumpmouse1: Zoommouse3: Turn Objectq: Taunte: Transform to an Objectwasd: Move32: Props:ent: Chat







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